Manzella Estates
Community Base Project

The longer I work with them the closer I get to them.  When I embarked on this journey in the beginning of 2021 determined to do something in my community regardless of how small, I was sceptic. Let me define it, like most South Africans I was concerned, if my contribution could make any difference. Let me express myself in a keynote sentence. I got the reward, they made a difference in my life!” The energy, commitment, willingness and excitement they bring into the day is exhilarating and to top it, they are punctual and reliable.  In these unknown times, if you have a need to earth yourself or find tranquility, this is the answer.  No yoga class in the world can compare. To the Manzella Flag Ushers, I thank you!

Pat Manzella

MANZELLA Flag Ushers

Manzella Estates community base project, in an effort to reduce youth unemployment in South Africa.

“It’s exhilarating what a bit of effort, a dash of love can do for everyone around you. I strive to be that person all the time.”